About the Parish Council

About the Parish Council

The Parish Council has operated for many years and over that time a number of members of the village have supported, contributed and been involved with the running of the council.

We always welcome new blood, new ideas and extra help, so if you are in a position to give a very small amount of time, we would very much encourage you to contact us with your thoughts. Contact Alan

We meet every 6 weeks approx., in the Village Hall, starting at 7.30. Members of the public are always welcome.

As part of its commitment to greater transparency, this section of the website has been reorganised and populated with a number of documents that should give residents and ratepayers a clearer understanding of the work of the Parish Council.
In addition, a quarterly newsletter is currently being distributed to all households in Wappenham. An expanded electronic copy is obtainable elsewhere on this website.
To help to underwrite its costs the newsletter will include advertisements which, hopefully, will be of interest to the community, letting you know about local businesses and services. If you would like to advertise in the newsletter, please get in touch.

As the Parish Council is empowered by Act of Parliament to act only as a corporate body, please direct all formal correspondence through the Clerk Liz Hart.

Paul Featherstone
Vice Chairman and Internal Control Councillor
joined Wappenham Parish Council 10 to 12 years ago after already living in the village for about six years. I felt that after this time I had a feel for what was happening in the local community and that it was about time I gave something back to the village. It was either that or the arm twisting an existing Councillor gave me!!! You will be glad to hear we aren’t allowed to use physical force to coerce new councillors onto the PC anymore and to be honest it is not a role that needs that much pressure to recruit. Like me, I guess there are many residents who know how much free volunteering it takes to keep a village community going, so to give up a small amount of time to PC meetings every six weeks is not onerous. I find the insight into local politics quite eye-opening and, to ensure that Wappenham is treated fairly and remains the type of village I want to live, the time and effort it takes to be a Parish Councillor is a very small price to pay.
Hilary Wickham
Councillor Wickham moved to Pittams Lane in Wappenham with her husband and two small children in 1970 in deep snow. Over many years she ran her husband’s design consultancy, a small family licensing business and her own catering company. She has been a member of the Parish Council for 34 years, 12 of which as Chairman, as well as being involved with Village Fetes, Church Flower Rota and running the first Open Gardens in the village in aid of Victim Support and the Witness Service at Northampton Crown Court, where she was a volunteer for some 25 years. Of course the village has changed, no railway or petrol station, pub or shop alas but she feels it is still a very special place to live.
Michelle Stewart
We bought our house in Wappenham in 1985. We, and our two young sons, enjoyed the freedom this gave them and they loved all the traditional activities in the village. I have now retired after forty five years in different sectors of retail, and am happy to have time to volunteer for the Parish Council.
Mark Wilkinson
We moved into the village in 1994 after previously living in Silverstone for six years. I have a degree in Physics and have spent all my working life in the Electronics Industry. Starting off in Sales for a company manufacturing micro electronics, moving on to selling and marketing for various companies specialising in distribution of LCDs and components. Realising that I enjoyed the challenges of manufacturing more than "box shifting" I returned to the original company and ended up running it.
Liz Hart
Parish Clerk
Liz Hart has been the Parish Clerk for Wappenham Parish Council since 2007. She has a Certificate in Local Council Administration and works for 3.5 hours per week for the PC. She is also a qualified Early Years Teacher and is the Manager of Helmdon Acorns Pre-School. Liz has three children who attend local schools and lives in Helmdon.
Ian Atkins
Ashleigh Robbins

Internal Auditor (NCALC
Finance Officer (Liz Hart
Footpath Warden VACANT
Highways Officer (Liz Hart)
Internal Control Officer (Paul Featherstone)
Newsletter Editor (Jane Harries)
Parochial Charities liaison with the Churchwardens (Sheena Warren)
Poors Charity (Hilary Wickham)
Tree Warden VACANT

Village Hall Committee liaison officer (Hilary Wickham)

Wiz News (Clive Watt)

Webmaster (Liz Hart)


District Councillor:

Councillor Peter Davies for Washington
South Wing
1 The Manor
Banbury Road
Moreton Pinkney
Daventry NN11 3SJ Telephone: 01295 768717
Email at peter.davies@southnorthants.gov.uk

County Councillor

Councillor Ian Morris for Silverstone
Fields Farm House
Priors Hardwick Road
Upper Boddington
NN11 6DN
Telephone: 01327 262330


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